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Anne Claire Rose February 23, 1934 - March 28, 2022

Anne Claire Rose

Mrs. Anne Claire Rose, age 88, passed away peacefully on March 28, 2022.

Anne was born in Dayton, KY to Arthur and Mary Jeanette (nee Patton) Bankemper on February 23, 1934. Anne married of Thomas Leon Rose on August 9, 1969, and he preceded her in death in 1989.

Anne is survived by her son, Thomas Rose, sisters, Mary Ruth Boehm and Margaret Bankemper, brother, James Bankemper, granddaughter, Courtney Little, and great-granddaughter Auri Kaye Little and many extended relatives and friends including nieces, Aleah (David) Seibel, Suzanne Boehm, and Jenny Boehm, Donna Krewina, Douglas Boehm and David Boehm. 

Anne loved animals, specifically cats. She loved her family very dearly and her generous nature will be missed.

She was preceded in death by her parents.

Visitation will be held Monday, April 4, 2022, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, when the services will begin at The Arlington Memorial Gardens Funeral Home, 2155 Compton Road, 45231. Once on the grounds of the memorial park, follow the light blue line to the funeral home. Anne will be laid to rest at Arlington Memorial Gardens.

Memorial donations can be directed to Shriner’s Hospital for Children at https://donate.lovetotherescue.org/.

Online condolences can be left at www.AMGFuneralHome.com

Map to the Garden of Sermon on the Mount

Visitation will be held Monday, April 4, 2022, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, when the services will begin at The Arlington Memorial Gardens Funeral Home, 2155 Compton Road, 45231. Once on the grounds of the memorial park, follow the light blue line to the funeral home. Anne will be laid to rest at Arlington Memorial Gardens.


  1. REPLY
    Mary Ruth Boehm says

    To my loving sister and best friend, Annie “Annie Bananie”: Through thick and thin, we were friends until the end. When we were feeling down or upset, we called each other, and it always made us feel better—through our cheering up and calming down, we gave each other courage. You always had a good answer for me and I for you. We were very close all our lives, from little to your last day, but even though you aren’t physically here, I know you’ll always be here when I need you. I love you forever, and I’ll always love the wonderful, happy memories we had together. We had such great times with each other throughout our whole lives. Save a seat for me up there, right next to you, as always! Behave yourself now, honey. We need to find a way to call each other or send a message of love. Pay phone? Carrier dove? I’ll miss laughing with you. I’ll miss you until we meet again.

    Loving you forever,
    Mary Ruth

  2. REPLY
    Karissa says

    My dear Aunt Annie, our beloved Golden Girl, I bet you’re vibrantly glowing in Heaven; you’re healthy and happy again, prospering in peace instead of suffering in pain. I can’t believe you had to go so soon—not long ago, you were energetic, enthusiastic—but I know change, transformation, and time are inevitable; at least, this is not the end, but the beginning bloom of the most miraculous, ever-loving eternity you will share with loved ones before you in Heaven and all of us when our journeys conclude. Until then, you will be immensely missed, admired, and remembered as the spirited, friendly, generous, fun-loving lady you were and still are up above. You always helped people and even donated to help the animals you adored. We know how much you loved your cats (Timmy, Tobey, Pandy), and I’m sure they’re your Heavenly companions now too. You’re probably watching horse races in Heaven as well as all the sports games you enjoyed, maybe even playing skee ball like you and Grandma always looked forward to at our Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties. You loved games, word searches, crossword puzzles. I miss visiting every Friday or Saturday night, growing up with our LaRosa’s pizza and movie nights, our Perkin’s dinners, eclair desserts, especially our Cracker Barrel dinners and shopping sprees there or at Walmart well into the night like a quartet of owls: you, Grandma (your sister, Mary Ruth), mom (your niece, Jennifer), and I. I remember waiting for you to get ready in your room, you putting on your lipstick and looking beautiful. We would talk about our week, laugh, and joke. We used to love joking about the blue-footed booby bird stuffed animal you kept in your room and how crazy the cats used to act climbing and playing everywhere. You sure were a hoot and holler, Aunt Annie; we had much fun together. I just wish we had more time to hang out without life’s chaos getting in the way, but we always caught up with each other through your calls with Grandma twice a day. Words can’t properly express how profoundly Grandma is going to miss you and your daily calls. Since your passing, she almost called you a few times. We are all still shocked and in disbelief you’re no longer here (physically to talk with, hug, and see your beautiful, smiling self), but we know you are always with us (in spirit, watching over us, listening whenever we want to tell you something in our prayers). It’s heart-wrenching to part, but heartwarming to know you had a fully flourished life. Your petals may have wilted and fallen in your physical form, but now, you are better, a body of light blooming anew up above. I hope you like the poster I made; those photos of you are gorgeous, sweet, and lively—show you how we will always know you. Until it is time for us to bloom anew. With love forever,

    Karissa, and on behalf of Mary Ruth Boehm, Jennifer Boehm, Kristyn Earls, and family

  3. REPLY
    Mary Edwards says

    Anne – One of the warmest, kindest, loving people I’ve ever met. She always has and always will hold a special place in my heart. Love you Anne. Prayers for your family.

  4. REPLY
    Sue Boehm says

    Aunt Annie, we sure will miss you but will always treasure the memories we’ve made through the years. I remember you living with us when we were kids & you used to take us golfing with you. You loved to go golfing & you would take us to play put-put golf & to all the parks, too, before Mom (Mary Ruth) had her drivers license. I remeber when we went to Ault Park one night & saw a UFO! We had lots of memorable adventures, didn’t we?
    You always came to the family gatherings at Mom’s & to Grandma Elsie’s, for Christmas, summer cook outs, Easter Egg Hunts, etc. You would come to the kids birthday party’s like those at Chuck E Cheese. You & Mom loved to play Skee Ball! We went on some fun trips with you too, like to the Horse Races at Old Coney, The Great Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennessee & of course, I will always treasure our newest tradition…Shop Til Ya Drop night. One night before Christmas, we would start out in the evening with the stores that were open until 9:00pm, then hit the other stores that stayed open a little later, & ended with the 24 hour stores like WalMart, & Meijer. We sure had lots of fun!
    It is comforting to know you are in a much better place where there is no sickness or pain, where I’m sure you will be spending lots of time with so many loved ones who have been there waiting for you!
    We will miss you lots, but will keep you in our hearts, will forever love you & will always treasure all the good times we had in this life that I selfishly wish could have lasted longer.
    So, bye for now but not forever, for we will meet again & unitil that time, Rest in Peace Dear Aunt Annie & say hello to everyone there in heaven for me.

  5. REPLY
    Aleah Seibel says

    You were one of the best women I know… you were like a mother to me and like a grandma to little Cameron and Mia… I can’t imagine life without our talks every Wednesday morning with me going on and on about how busy life has gotten with our 2 kiddos getting older or just getting your groceries list ready every week.. I will greatly miss how wonderful of a heart you had and how you always prayed for each and everyone of us if we needed it… you were a best friend and a storyteller and loved to joke and laugh with us all…I feel like 88years wasn’t enough time with you, I feel like I’m loosing one of my best friends.. we love you to the stars and back!

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