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Robbie Baker

Robbie Baker

Robbie is a first-generation funeral director and embalmer. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in 2019. He worked as a lab assistant while in school, gaining a deep appreciation for the reverence that goes into caring for a deceased person. Before his foray into funeral service, he earned a fine arts degree from Bowling Green State University, and with those skills he writes meaningful services for bereaved families as a funeral celebrant. He served his apprenticeship in 2020 at Spring Grove Funeral Homes. He then became licensed, and in October of 2021 he joined the team at Arlington Memorial Gardens Funeral Home.


Robbie takes interest in learning about different cultural and religious death rites—both ancient and modern. He is a proud proponent of progressive death-care practices: it is the job of funeral professionals to advocate new and various forms of human disposition to meet the diverse needs of the people. He also believes it is important for undertakers everywhere to educate the public on their options for and their rights to a meaningful experience.


Robbie spends his home life with his fiancée Aleena and their cat, Dr. Janet T. Baker! The happy couple enjoy cooking & baking together, visiting different zoos, attending jazz concerts & the symphony, and traveling for culinary experiences! If they had a household motto, it would likely be: “We just came for the food!”