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Cindy Hargrove

Cindy Hargrove

Cindy Hargrove (formerly Cindy Maril) joined The Arlington Memorial Gardens as a member of the Family Care Team in January, 2013.  A native of Oklahoma, she and her family lived in Chicago for twelve years prior to relocating to Cincinnati.  She was educated at the University of Central Oklahoma ‘s School of Business and was a small business owner while living in Chicago.

Cindy’s passion and commitment to those seeking Arlington’s service arises from her personal brush with breast cancer at the age of forty.  With both of her children in grade school, she became intimately aware of just how fragile life can be.  Even though she is and has been cancer free, the experience was decisively transformational and serving as a Family Care Advisor responds to what Cindy calls “an internal impulse that is centered around helping others through troubled times.”  She is personable, warm and empathetic and believes that she “has never met a stranger, just a friend I don’t know yet.”  She lives by, or as she says – “tries to live by,” Plato’s motto: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

A horse enthusiast, who for many years competed in the art and sport of dressage, Cindy loves reading, meditating, practicing yoga, exercising and “just having a good glass of wine together with good conversation.